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Other Plans

Sometimes God has other plans. Plans we don't like, don't agree with and or unhappy about. The purpose of the plans may never be known to us but we have have faith and trust in Him and what he plans for us.

In December, the board met and voted to reschedule our January 2015 trip to the Philippines. The decision was uncomfortable at best knowing that many people in the Philippines, most notably local entities in Culasi on the island of Panay and the Dominican sisters in Nueva Valencia on Guimaras, had been planning for, and anticipating our arrival.

We could not accommodate the issues that had arisen and so, instead of bringing a team that was not able to perform to the capabilities that are expected of us, the Board opted to reschedule the mission.

Our new dates are posted on our Missions page as is all the information for the trip.  Check out the dates and consider joining us.