On a Mission-Blog


Many people wonder how they can help with a mission:  they think to themselves - I don't really have any money to give, and I am not in the medical field - what can I do?

Everyone can help with a mission - from taking inventory, collecting suitcases, to making eyeglass cases.  This is my mom, Sandra Thompson.  We had a bunch of material donated from a shop that had upholstery swatches they were no longer using.  These were perfect for eyeglass cases - soft and durable.  Sandra made approximately 80 fun and brightly colored cases for the glasses that were donated to the trip.  The women who were given eye glasses were very particular on the case they chose and would search through them for "the right one".

~written by Camelot Thompson

A story I like is the older woman who came to Casa Hogar complaining of loss of hearing in one ear.  We flushed her ear and Camelot pulled out the rest of the "gunk".  She thought it was a miracle and was blessing all of the Saints and us.   She was so happy.  I'm attaching a picture of her as well. Such a little thing brought a lot of happy.

~written by Robin Okada

I remember her!  Her energy was contagious!  Just to add to her story, she said she lived alone but she always played music to keep her happy.  At night, she filled herself with positive thoughts before she fell asleep, and would always have faith that he next day would always be better for her.  She was telling me that this particular day, she was so happy to hear from her friends about the American doctors in Casa Hogar, so she helped spread the word.  She was so happy when Camelot suggested she come back on Sunday.  Did she return?  She said a little prayer in Spanish for the American doctors so they would visit Casa Hogar often.  I remember how she kept hugging us as she was leaving.  She was sweet!

~written by Martha Lopez