What is your selection criteria?
Our selection criteria is fairly simple. Your U.S./country of mission work/Canada licensure needs to be in good standing (no suspensions or revocations). Applicants who can stay for the entire mission will have priority over volunteers who can work one week. Please note that we have never refused a volunteer based on the two-week commitment criteria.

I don't feel comfortable sending a check if I am not confirmed on the team.
Send the application as indicated. Once confirmed on the team, you will be asked to send a check within 5 business days to hold your spot. You are accepted to the team but your position is not guaranteed until we receive the deposit.

Your name sounds religious. I am not religious. What does that mean to me, your work and can  I still go if interested?
Our work is founded in the Catholic faith, most notibly with the Dominican priests and sisters who are at the root of our work. Our patron saint is St. Martin de Porres, a Dominican brother, born into poverty and is known for his work with the poor.
While we do not verbally evangelize while working, our patients are aware of who we are and in what we believe.  We care for anyone that presents to us, we do not discriminate.
We will attend masses whenever possible but volunteers are not required to join us. Our only requirement is that you work under the tenets of the Catholic Church and, should you have any questions regarding our practices, our services or our faith, that you ask us.

I heard that HRIMM does not pay for airfare and lodging, why?
We are a small nonprofit with a limited budget. We cannot afford to divert funds from patient care to accommodate volunteer expenses.

Are any of my expenses tax deductible?
We provide you with a letter for tax purposes. We do not make any claims as to what is or is not deductible, we ask that you talk with your tax person.

I want to work with you but can't afford it. Any suggestions?
We have had several volunteers raise funds through gofundme.com, others have had family or friends make a  donation to HRIMM and those funds were directed towards the expenses of that volunteer.

I want to go but can't. Can I help in any way?
YES! We can always use help.  Monetary donations are wonderful but not the only means of assistance. We collect reading glasses, hotel sized soaps, lotions and toothpastes, toothbrushes year-round. Check out our volunteer page for more ideas.  Prior to our trips, we collect vitamins and other non-prescription medications that are unopened and are unexpired from one year of donation.

How much does a trip cost?
While we can't be specific, airfare can be as low as $700 and up to $1500. We charge a flat fee of approximately $425 for a one-week mission. This includes ground transportation, housing and food. We no longer charge per diem rates, keep in mind these rates are estimates.

Why do I arrange for my own airfare?
We want to keep expenses down for team members. By purchasing their own tickets, volunteers can use air miles, shop for the cheapest flights or make arrangements to sightsee after the mission. We will tell you by what day and time we expect you to arrive and will arrange to pick you up at the airport.

What kind of accommodations can I expect? 
Accommodates can vary from rustic to nice. Depending on the country, a shower might be a bucket of water with scoop or a shower without hot water, sometimes both. Keep in mind that we are working in impoverished areas and in developing nations and you need to have an adventurous, accepting spirit.

What is the work like?
The days are long and chaotic. You will see health issues that you don't normally see at home. As the mission continues you will begin to see a rhythm to the work and "settle in" to your roles. The majority of the diagnosis will be made without benefit of lab or X-rays as they are often simply not available.

I am not medical. Can I still go?
We do have a need for nonmedical volunteers but those spaces are limited. As a non-medical volunteer, you may be asked to help with the pharmacy or be the team administrator. We ask that you remain flexible as you may be asked to do more than one task.

I have food allergies and/or limitations. Could this be an issue?
We cannot guarantee the ability to accommodate any food limitations or allergies. We have had vegetarians and a vegan travel with us. They were proactive and brought food items with them and purchased items when available to help during those times when the food served could not be eaten.